Finding Existing Appointments

One of the things you'll become a pro at while using TimeTap is navigating your schedule of appointments. It's an important thing to get really good at using so you can find appointments quickly and sort your lists for exactly what you want to see.

There are three ways to navigate to the appointment detail screen for any of your scheduled appointments:

  1. You can find existing appointments in the appointments lists that are available under the Appointments menu in the Appointments Lists tab and within a Client's Profile
  2. You can also find all appointments (except for ones marked as cancelled) in you Calendar view.
  3. Finally, you can use the Appointment Lookup option in the top of the app to search for an appointment by appointment id

If the appointment is for a seat in one of your class sessions, you can also use the Class Lists view to navigate to the Class Session Details screen and see the list of attendees there. 



Pros (and Cons) of using Calendar vs Lists

The additional documentation in this section goes through actually using the Calendar and navigating the List views. In the remainder of this documentation, we'll discuss when to use the Calendar versus when to use the Appointment List views.



Pros of using the Calendar view:

  1. You can use the Calendar view to get an easy snap shot of where you have available time to fit another appointment.
  2. You can use the Calendar View to easily change appointment times by dragging and dropping it to another day or time or extending the appointment timeslot
  3. You have Day, Week, & Month views preset here so you don't have to define custom ranges if you are looking to, say, view a different month than the current month which is the only preset option in the List views
  4. You can see your time off alongside all of your other appointments


The Different Views of the Calendar

Click on one of the images below to expand and view the gallery in full screen



Pros of using the Appointment Lists views:

  1. You can view appointments by status
  2. You can easily change appointment statuses by using the respective buttons at the top of each list
  3. You can see cancelled appointments which don't display on the Calendar view since they are no longer blocking your availability
  4. You can see a few more details about each appointment like any custom field information, the location, & the staff assigned to the appointment
  5. You can sort your view by a custom date range

The Different Appointment List Views

Click on one of the images below to expand and view the gallery in full screen