Using Your Availability View

Your Calendar provides many tools and features to help manage your operations. The availability view provides a snapshot of your staff's availability and how that availability has been allocated. This makes booking new appointments, rescheduling booked appointments, coordinating schedules, and tracking time off quick and easy. This view is perfect for staff members who need to keep up with the flow of the business from day to day. 

On this documentation page, we'll cover these topics:

Navigating Availability View
Adding Appointments in Availability View

Make sure to check out our documentation on Availability List View. 

What does Availability View look like?

Here is an example of your Availability View::

The left menu provides a number of ways to customize your availability view. Selecting and deselecting the Location, Staff will change the content of your calendar. We don't have an option to change Reasons because the purpose of this view is to gauge everything that is happening at the selected location(s). Deselecting a reason in this view may provide misleading information regarding staff availability. For an in-depth guide to filtering your booked appointments, check out this article How to Filter Your Booked Appointments

What do the different colors and boxes mean in Availability View?

The color coded boxes in Availability View make it easy to understand what is going on at your selected location(s) and who is doing what. Let's look at a few examples. 

White Boxes represent open availability.

Dark Gray Boxes represent a time where staff members are not working or on break. This information is determined by the staff availability set up for each employee. For information about how to change staff availability, check out this article Adding Staff Availability Flow.

Light Gray Boxes represent time where a staff member is scheduled for time off. This is different from not working or on break. Not working and on break times are determined by your staff availability. Time off is added to your schedule for things like vacation time or personal errands. For additional information about adding time off, check out this article Editing Time Off.

Color Coded Boxes represent your booked appointments and scheduled classes. The left menu tells you what location, staff or reason coordinates with each color. There are also dropdown menus that allow you to change how each item is color coded in the calendar- with the exception of time off which will always appear as light gray.

What can I do in Availability View?

Availability View is simply one of the ways to of your calendar. So, you can do everything you can do in the general calendar view. The Add Appointment and Add Time Off buttons remain at the top of the page.

However, you can always add an appointment by clicking in any of the open availability spaces. For additional information about adding new appointments by clicking in the calendar, check out this article Add an Appointment by Clicking in Calendar