Payment Portal is an online payment processor that you can set up in your scheduler, so that payments can be required upon booking.  IF PAYMENTS ARE SET TO REQUIRED AND A CLIENT DOESN'T PAY WITHIN 90 MINUTES THEIR BOOKING WILL BE CANCELLED, MAKE SURE THEY ARE AWARE OF THIS.  If you click into the "Payment Settings" page you can input the required information from your account into the payment portal box to have our system communicate with  This is indicated in the screenshot below:

To set up TimeTap to take payments through you will need to enter your API Login ID (click here to see instructions where to find this information) and your Transaction Key into the box indicated above (after clicking the "+" sign to expand the payment portal option for  These bits of info can be provided by

Note: After you've entered the information mentioned above, there's one more set of steps to follow in order to complete the setup: 

  1. Login to your Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Settings in the main left side menu
  3. Click Silent Post URL
  4. In the URL text field, enter
  5. Click Submit. A confirmation message indicates that the URL has been added

Authorize Only with

If you only want to authorize the clients card for the amount to be paid and not charge it until they come for their appointment, you can use the Authorize Only checkbox underneath the Payment Portal Section: