Deleting Appointments

Every time I make changes to my appointment availability, I go through and check my scheduler's flow and book a test appointment as if I'm a client. These test appointments can pile up after a time, and even though I list them as cancelled, I would really rather they not display in that list, either, since they don't accurately reflect the appointments made and cancelled with my business. I would prefer to just delete them which I can do from the Cancelled Appointments list.

Appointments cannot be deleted from any other status except for cancelled. If you want to delete an appointment, first take steps to mark it as cancelled and then you'll be able to follow the directions below to delete it from your appointment logs.

To delete an appointment or a set of appointments, all I need to do is go to Appointments → Appointment Lists → Cancelled and select the appointments I would like to delete using the left hand checkboxes:

After selecting the appointments I want to delete, I just press the Delete button which will display a confirmation window where I can confirm that I'd like to delete the appointments I selected: 

If you delete an appointment by accident you may contact your account administrator to ask him/her to restore it.