TimeTap integrates with Square, the payment processing provider that made the iPhone card reader famous. TimeTap's integration is not directly with the iPhone card reader but rather through Square's online virtual terminal.

In this documentation we'll go through:

If you have any questions on how Square payments work after reading through this documentation, please reach out to our support team to let us know.

Setting up Square Payments with TimeTap

To activate Square payments, you'll need to grant TimeTap permission to access your Square account. First, go to Payments > Payment Settings and expand the Square payment portal:

Under the expanded Square payment portal, click the green button to "Activate Square Payments":

This will link you to the Square authorization page (if you aren't signed into Square yet you may be prompted to sign in first):

You'll then get an authorization complete message form TimeTap and can go back to the TimeTap back office:

Back in the Payment Settings menu of your TimeTap back office, you'll see that your Square account has been "Set Up" which indicates it is successfully linked. You'll want to expand the Square payment portal again and apply a default location to it before you can begin accepting payments:

Edit the Square payment portal and select your default Square location that all payments should be sent to:

Please note: if you do not see any locations show up here it is possible that you do not have locations configured in your Square account. You'll want to Login to your Square account, go to Business > Locations > and make sure that you have your locations properly configured there. There is more information on this on Square's documentation site here.

Once you've selected a location you can then press "Save":

You'll now see that by default all payments will be sent to that location in your Square account. You can also check the checkbox to Allow Payment By Location. We explain that in more detail on our documentation page here.

How Clients will Pay through Square

Once you have your Square Payment Portal setup and have configured your Payment Settings the way you'd like for them to be for your business, you are ready to start taking payments upon booking.

You'll want to make sure that the services, classes and/or courses that clients can book with you have a price listed for them. You can check this out under Settings > Services & Classes:

To add or change the prices for your appointment reasons, just click the "View Details" button next to the service, class, or course in this list and then click on that reason's "Payments" section. From there you can configure the reason's price and/or deposit amount. Learn more about that here.

Now that the setup steps are out of the way, when your client goes to book with you on your scheduler, they will see the price of the reason they are booking when they are selecting their appointment type:

They'll then select their date and time, and enter their information. On the confirmation page, they'll see they confirmation title and confirmation message that you've configured in your Payment Settings:

If the client clicks "Pay Now" they'll be connected to your Square account's payment gateway where they can enter in the card information and click "Charge" to submit their payment for the appointment:

Once they've submitted their payment, you'll see the invoice attached to their appointment in TimeTap:

If you view that invoice, you'll see the payment confirmation at the bottom of that invoice detail page:

If the full price of the invoice has been paid the invoice will be in Closed status. If you end up refunding this in Square, you can always record that refund in TimeTap by clicking the "Record a Refund" button next to the payment in TimeTap's Invoice Detail screen.

How Staff can Charge Invoices through Square

Staff can login to TimeTap and take client's credit card numbers to charge invoices as well. You can find client's existing invoices from the Payments & Invoices section of a client's profile or you can add a new invoice for a client under Payments > Invoices > Add New Invoice.

In this demo we'll add a new invoice and then show how to charge for that invoice through Square.

First, under Payments > Invoices, I'll click the "Add New Invoice" button:

I'll type in the name of the client that I am making the invoice for and click "Create Invoice for This Client":

On the created invoice, I can use the Add Line Item button to add charges, credits, or appointments. In this example I'm going to look at the client's uninvoiced appointments:

I'll select the appointment that I want to add to this invoice from the pop up window:

That will add the appointment as a line item to the invoice:

At this point I can either add more line items to the invoice or I can go ahead and click the "Charge with Square" button under the View Payments at the bottom to charge for this invoice:

I can then enter in the amount I want to charge and click "Charge Amount":

Please note: for this demo I have kept the balance amount on the invoice low intentionally so as to not rack up fake charges on my Square account. Square's policy is that the lowest amount that can be charged is $1. If you are testing this out on your side, keep that in mind. You cannot charge only .50 cents or any value less than $1.00.

I can fill in the fields for the card information and click "Charge" to charge the card:

When the charge goes through, you can close the window and see the payments recorded on the invoice and see that the invoice is now closed:

You'll also be able to login to Square to see the charge in your transactions list.

Deactivating Square

If you no longer want Square to be connected to your TimeTap account, you'll need to deactivate the integration and disconnect Square from TimeTap. You'll need to do this in TimeTap under Payments > Payment Settings as well as within your Square account.

In TimeTap, go to Payments > Payment Settings and expand the Square portal on the right:

Underneath the Square portal, click the red "Disconnect" button:

That will remove all the Square credentials from your TimeTap account.

Now, login to your Square account and remove TimeTap's access under your Square Apps screen. We've written documentation on how to do this below, but Square's interface may change so we recommend looking at their documentation on removing apps as well (currently found here (albeit that link could change too)).

As of 1/25/2017, here are the steps you would take:

Login to Square and go to Apps > My Apps:

Under My Apps, find TimeTap and click the red "x" to the right of "Square Account Access":

Click the red "Revoke TimeTap" button:

You should be all disconnected at this point.