Cancelled Appointment Email

The appointment cancelled email is sent to the staff whenever a client cancels his/her appointment. The staff can also elect to send an appointment cancelled email out to themselves if they cancel an appointment from within the back office. No matter how the appointment is cancelled, the cancellation email to the staff is the same. The default template is re-printed below:



Subject: (Appointment Cancellation) Client Name on Appointment Date Time Staff Timezone

Email Body: Business Name

Your appointment has been cancelled.

Dear Staff First Name,

Your appointment with Client Name for Service Name on Appointment Date Time Staff Timezone at Location Name has been cancelled. 

Cancellation reason (this is entered by either the client or staff when cancelling the appointment)

To view more information about this appointment, you can login to TimeTap at this link:

Staff Signature



A sample of the email can be seen in the screenshot pasted below: