Monitoring Invitation Campaigns

Once you've created and set up your recall campaign(s), you'll be able to keep track of their reach and status by going to Messaging > Monitor Campaigns. 

It will list all current campaigns set up and have the following columns:

  1. Description of the Campaign
  2. Who it was added by (i.e. John Doe had added that trigger, so John's name would appear)
  3. When it was sent
  4. Campaign's individual ID for further tracking

When you expand a line item, more columns will populate.

  1. Who it was sent to (i.e. if Mary Smith had been the recipient of that trigger message, her name would appear here)
  2. The specific Email ID associated to that message
  3. Latest activity of the message itself
  4. Status checkpoints of the message
  5. Actions available (in this case, ability to view the specific message and trigger settings that were set up for it)

What each status means - 

Sent: Confirming that the message did get delivered all the way through.

Opened: Whether or not the client sent to opened the actual email.

Clicked: If they clicked on the action item within the message itself.

Completed: Whether or not they completed the action item to book their next appointment the trigger was set up for.

If you select 'view' for the corresponding line item, it will give you the specifications of the trigger that were in place for that to be sent, including any future scheduled events and a copy of the message they received.