Allow clients to unsubscribe from emails or texts

This guide will show you how to configure your messaging to allow clients to unsubscribe from texts or emails. To set this process up, you will first have to select which templates users have the ability to unsubscribe from. Once those templates are selected, you will need to make sure that the proper messaging tag is included in the templates that you’re sending out to clients so that users can access the Email Management Settings page. When a client clicks the link that is populated by that tag in the messaging they receive, they will be directed to a scheduler page where they will see a list of all the templates that you have allowed them to unsubscribe from where they can opt out of that messaging category. The instruction below provide full instructions for this process:

Choosing which templates can be unsubscribed from by the client

To set which templates are available to be unsubscribed from by your clients, go to the Messaging tab and choose Appointment Templates. Ensure that you are viewing the Appointment Template To Clients section.

Once in this section, toggle the “Show on Client Login” switch. Flipping this toggle will now allow you to go down your list of Appointment Template categories and check the boxes in the “Show on Client Login” column.

Once you have selected all of the templates that you want this to apply to, you can switch the “Show on Client Login” toggle back off to disable the editing of those checkboxes and your selections will be saved.

Now that you have chosen which templates can be unsubscribed from, we will need to include the messaging tag in your appointment templates that allows users to access that list.


Adding the “Manage Email Settings” tag to your messaging

Once you have chosen which templates can be unsubscribed from, you’ll need to include the following messaging tag in the body of your templates so that users can click the link that is populated by that tag. In the examples below, I will be adding this tag to the end of our Appointment Reminder Email and Appointment Reminder Text Message templates.

While still viewing the Appointment Templates To Clients list, click view beside the category that you’d like to edit. Then click view beside the individual template in that category that you’d like to adjust. The messaging tag that should be included in the body of each template to allow the user to manage their email setting is:


Text Message Templates

I have added that tag to the body of my Reminder Text Template with some additional language to give context to the link, like shown below.

When including this link in text templates, you will need to just paste the tag as seen above and then your text message will include the plain link for users to click on and be taken to the email management settings page. You are unable to hyperlink that tag like you can with email templates. You can see how to hyperlink this tag in an email template in the section below.

Email Templates

Email template bodies allow for some additional formatting to the text that is not available when sending SMS text messages. In the screenshot below, you will see how I have included this opt out prompt with some additional formatting that allow the user to just click on the text. I have done this by hyperlinking the %MANAGE_EMAIL_SETTINGS_URL% tag to the “click here” text.

To hyperlink that tag in the body of this email template:

  1. Select the text that you’d like to be clickable

  2. Then click the “Insert/Edit Link” button from the text toolbar

  3. Add the %MANAGE_EMAIL_SETTINGS_URL% tag to the URL field, as shown below

Once you confirm that hyperlink, the text of that template should turn blue to confirm that the tag is properly linked to that section.

You will need to repeat the respective process above to add this %MANAGE_EMAIL_SETTINGS_URL% tag to any template where you would like to present this opt out option for the client.

How clients opt out of messaging

Once this tag is included in those templates, clients can then select that link or hyperlink to be taken to the email management setting page.

Here is how the email and text templates will look with that tag included when sent to a user:

Email - hyperlinked

Text Message - plain text


When a client clicks that link in either an email or text template, they will be taken to the following page of the client scheduler:

When a client clicks Unsubscribe on the page above, they will see the “Subscribe” checkbox become unselected to confirm that change and the button will change to read “Subscribe” so that they could re-subscribe for that messaging again if they wish.

The options that are shown in this list directly correlate to to the selections that you made in the “Show on Client Login” column of the Appointment Messaging Templates page.


Confirming that a client has unsubscribed from specific messaging templates

When a message is sent to a user that has chosen to unsubscribe from that messaging template, you’ll see the “Declined” status beside that messaging in the logs.

Additionally, you can see which templates this user has chosen not to receive by checking the “Email Templates to Exclude” section on their client profile.

A staff member can also edit the “Email Templates to Exclude” directly on the client profile to manually unsubscribe or re-subscribe users to that messaging. This would accomplish the same result as if a user were to access the Email Management Setting page through the %MANAGE_EMAIL_SETTINGS_URL% tag.