Services and Classes in TimeTap

Services and classes are the same as in checkAppointments. Services and Classes are conveyed to the clients booking with you as the reasons for their appointment. While both services and classes can be found, added, and edited under your Settings → Services & Classes page, they function quite differently.

Services are 1-on-1 appointments between a staff person and the client. Clients can schedule a service appointment for any time during which you (the staff) have hours of availability set up. The appointment times offered for services are based on the duration you put in for a service. Thus, if a service is set to a duration of 1 hour, then your availability will display to clients booking in 1 hour appointment time slot increments.

Classes are group based appointments with one staff person assigned as the "leader". Classes are offered on a set schedule that the staff person defines ahead of time and the clients can choose from among. Each scheduled session of the class has a max capacity which determines how many clients can book into the class.

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