Courses are TimeTap's way of handling multi-day appointments. This could take a number of different forms like:

  • A Red Cross program that offers a lifeguard certification program that takes place over the course of 4 weeks. Students that sign up for the program need to be enrolled at specific times throughout the 4 week period
  • A corporate training group that offers a 3 day seminar over a weekend. When clients register, they want them to be registered for all 3 days of the seminar
  • A bootcamp fitness coach who runs a 6 week bootcamp and wants clients to be registered for the same time each week during the 6 weeks

The examples could go on and on. This feature is pretty advanced and only available for Business users. We recommend you watching the quick demo video that explains more about what courses are and what they are used for below:

Throughout this section of our documentation, you'll see more information on:

  • What courses are and how to create new courses
  • How courses are offered
  • How to manage clients once they've signed up for your course

Terminology for Courses

So that we stay on the same page, we've created a quick glossary of terms for Courses to make sure you understand the parent-child relationship that is at work. If you have questions about how Courses operate or the difference between any of these terms, please reach out to our support team by using the chat icon in the bottom right of the application.

  • Course: a 'course' is the reason that someone is booking with you. This is the name that you give to your business's offering that you're allowing clients to book. Clients would recognize the name of the course and realize that they want to schedule themselves for it. Each course has a standard number of sessions that are offered in different sets that your business has scheduled.
  • Set: courses are offered in 'sets'. If you have a "Lifeguard Certification" course, you may have a "Summer Certification Set" that takes place from June - July. Each set is made up of a givennumber of sessions that are created based on the number of sessions that the course has on its overview section.
  • Session: Sessions are the individual instances of when you're meeting for a course. The number of sessions it takes to complete a course is declared on the course level. Whenever a set is created, it is created with the number of sessions that the course requires to be completed. 

In sum, a client would enroll in one of the sets you have created for a course that you offer. When the client completes all of the sessions scheduled for that set, he will have completed that course.