6.33.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 6.33.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • Added a button in the Appointment List view to "Download Forms" for all clients assigned to the appointments based on the defined filters.

  • Added custom field tags (%APPT_QR_CODE% or %APPT_CHECKIN_QR_CODE%) for QR codes to show in the Appointment Saved Message on the Final Confirmation page of the scheduler.

  • Added ability to search the Client List by Client ID.

  • Various internal performance improvements.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • The link sent notifying waitlist registrants of all new available times was displaying a different advance booking range than the actual service allowed.

  • Users on the Australian server were receiving an error message when trying to create Automated Messaging Triggers

  • Choosing a new date and time from the “List of Times” when editing a service appointment was only updating the clientStartDate/clientEndDate, not the startDate/endDate. 

  • An isolated error on some accounts was preventing some clients from logging in on the scheduler. 

  • Adding a repeating class schedule from the staff profile with multiple sessions between the start and end times was causing the session durations to not correctly reflect the duration of the selected class.

  • User waitlist registrations for one class session were appearing on other sessions of that class that they had not registered for when they both occurred on the same day.

  • Some users were seeing Appointment Trigger messages stuck in the “Queued” status. 

  • Users were experiencing formatting errors when attempting to add the country code into the mask format of phone fields within the Client Information panel. 

  • Some users had Time Off events that were being marked as “Completed” preemptively and not blocking off availability as they should. 

  • The “Add to Calendar” button shown on the Final Confirmation screen when booking an appointment was not including the correct appointment details.

  • Some accounts were not seeing all location group load in the back office “Add Appointment” flow. 

  • Some users were seeing the “Book Another Appointment” button on the scheduler unresponsive when clicking.

  • When an appointment was edited to change the client, the new appointment messaging was still pulling the contact info from the original client still listed on the invoice instead of the new client on the appointment. 

  • Changing the service typer of an appointment was not triggering the “Appointment Changed or Rescheduled” template.

  • Initially missing a required field when adding availability was causing the “Back” and “Continue” buttons to become unresponsive once that field was filled in. 

  • Custom Booking sites were showing incorrect availability when staff was not included in the panel flow. 

  • Some users were seeing error messages when trying to schedule appointments through the web scheduler and the back office.

  • When adding a repeating class session for a client where two days of the week were selected the client's registration list was showing duplicate dates.