6.11.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 6.11.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • Improved performance of calendar view in Backoffice.

  • Add or delete services and classes in parent account when using Enterprise parent-child account setup.

  • Term “Blacklisted” has been replaced with “Blocked”.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Invitation URL didn’t allow client to book for private services or classes.

  • User was redirected to blank page after a new client was added rather than the new client’s profile.

  • Messaging trigger test sent default and not custom template.

  • Some email tags were not populating information in disclaimer forms.

  • Clients didn’t see the “Next” button if they clicked “Back” in the Service & Classes panel and this was the only panel option in the scheduling flow.

  • Corrected validation process for date field.

  • Email tag %LOCATION_GROUP_NAME% didn’t display information when used in scheduler.