6.12.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 6.12.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • Improved performance of calendar view in Backoffice.

  • Add or delete services and classes in parent account when using Enterprise parent-child account setup.

  • Term “Blacklisted” has been replaced with “Blocked”.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Client tags created in service or class profile were not added to Client List.

  • Appointments added to clients' calendar using ICS files contained the staff end time with buffer.

  • TimeTap Cell Phone field wasn’t sending information to Zapier.

  • %APPT_DATE_TIME% email tag didn’t update correctly in appointment templates when moving attendee from one class session to another.

  • Appointment request was sent to staff who didn’t have service availability at the location where the appointment was requested.

  • Closed packages were listed in Package dropdown within Appointment Detail screen if using package from other client.

  • %LOCATION_OFFICEPHONE% email tag didn’t display information in scheduler.

  • Users were not able to restore invitation template back to default if assigned to specific service or class.

  • Users were unable to apply changes to client tags in service/class profile.