7.5.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 7.5.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • Added a report type under ‘Email Reports’ to show ‘Text Message Activity for Appointments - Client Only’  

  • Various internal performance improvements

  • [New Backoffice Beta] Added a calendar view setting that allows for events to be arranged by either color or title

Bugs Fixed: 

  • The Audit Trail note for Microsoft Teams sync events was misidentifying the ModifiedUser as the staff username

  • Date of Birth Age (in years) on client profiles was being calculated incorrectly by about 6 days

  • The actual tag name (example: %CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE%) for service specific info fields was being displayed (instead of being hidden) in the Backoffice when a different service was booked and that tag didn’t have any information to populate