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The Staff person in TimeTap is communicated to the client as the person who will be rendering the service they are booking. The staff person could be a specific individual (like yourself or one of your colleagues) or it could be a generic name so the client doesn't think they are meeting with someone specific.

With each staff person on your account, you can select which services they can offer. You can then set up hours of availability on a staff by staff basis. Depending on the duration you have set for the services that a staff person offers, the staff person's daily availability will split up into equal chunks of time for appointment timeslots.

Your full staff list will be available under Settings → Staff. This will include all of the staff on your account who were either added because they need appointments set with them or because they act as an office assistant for you and need to have access to TimeTap to help you manage your schedule:

From this main staff screen, you can:

In the sub-sections of this area of our documentation, we'll go through customizing your staff members' profiles, setting up hours of availability for each staff, and syncing your calendar.

In this particular documentation, I want to take a minute to explain how clients see your staff information.

Where Clients See Staff
Where Clients See Staff
How Staff is communicated to Clients

It may or may not be important to your business that your clients know which staff they are meeting with for their appointments. For a massage therapy practice, it may be hugely important to communicate who the client is going to meet with, especially if clients have preferences over who they see. On the other hand, the clients for a testing center may not care which staff (or test proctor) they are going to meet with to administer the test.

You know your business much better than we do, so you know whether or not communicating the staff assigned to a particular appointment is important. So that you can customize your TimeTap account based on how you communicate the staff name and information, we have cataloged the places where staff name is communicated to clients:

When booking their appointment:

If you have upgraded to TimeTap Professional, then you have the ability to add multiple staff to your TimeTap account. As soon as you add multiple staff, you can also customize your Scheduler's flow so that clients can select which staff they want to have an appointment with as they are booking. 

If you have set your Scheduler's flow to include the Staff Panel, then the Staff list will show up on your client facing scheduler. This is true whether you use the mini website that came with your TimeTap account or if you embedded your scheduler on your own website. 

You can also turn on the "No Preference" option for clients to choose from your Staff Panel Settings which will allow a client to view the availability for all staff who offer whichever service the client is booking.

Confirmation Message after booking appointments:

Once a client has finished booking an appointment, they are presented with a brief confirmation summary of their appointment details. The summary on this page by default reads "Staff: %STAFF_FULLNAME%". You can find where you can edit this confirmation summary/appointment success message under Settings → Final Confirmation (as shown in the picture on the right). 

You can learn more about editing this success message specifically by reading our documentation on the appointment saved success message. You can also learn about how to use all of those funny-looking percentage sign names (called tags) by reading our documentation on Success Message Tags.

Emails to Client about appointment:

If you look through all of the email templates sent to clients, you'll see that the staff name comes through in both the body message as well as the staff signature section of the email template (see highlighted portions of email on the right).

To change the name that displays in the body of the confirmation email here, you would need to change the name in your staff profile. You can learn about editing your staff profile on our documentation here.

Your staff signature appears at the bottom of every email that is sent out about any appointments that are associated with that staff. You can also edit your staff signature from your staff profile and learn about inserting dynamic content through the use of tags on your staff signature.


On the Appointment Management page:

In the email templates sent to clients for an appointment confirmation, reminder, or rescheduling, there's a link they can access to cancel or reschedule their booking.

If they click that link, they are directed to your mini website with the manage appointment page pulled up. That page lists the details around the appointment as well as provides buttons to either reschedule or cancel the appointment.

As you can see on the screenshot to the right, the staff name displays to the client on this page as well. Again, to change the display name here, you would need to change the name as it is entered in the Staff Profile which would affect how it is displayed everywhere.