Azure AD (Office 365) for SSO

TimeTap uses SAML 2.0 for Single Sign. Following is how you set this up on Azure/Office 365.

This feature is available on our Enterprise plans.

High Level Process

  1. Ask TimeTap for SP Metadata file. Provide your username. This file is unique to your account

  2. Create an Azure Application with information in the metadata file

  3. Download and send TimeTap your federated (IDP) metadata file

  4. Add users to appropriate group with access to TimeTap

  5. ENSURE that all usernames in TimeTap are SAME as usernames in Azure.

  6. Test.


You will need Azure Admin permissions to perform the following tasks.


In Azure Admin Portal click on the “Create your own application” button.

Give it a name. and select the Non Gallery option

It will create a shell application. Edit the basic

Add appropriate user(s)/ groups Now you will be able to test.


If a user testing is not in the group that has permission to this application the following error may show up.