A Location in your TimeTap account is the place where your appointments take place. It can be a physical location that your clients come to (like your office), it could be a virtual location (like Skype, a conference line, or FaceTime), or it could be a shifting location (like "Your home" and you go to the clients home to fulfill the appointment). 

A staff person is assigned hours of availability at any given location during which clients can book service-based appointments. Staff people can be assigned hours at multiple locations, but if an appointment is booked with them at one location they are assigned hours at, then their availability at the other location is blocked off so that the staff person doesn't get double booked in the same time slot.

When your clients are booking with you, they will see the location as where the appointment is going to be held. In this specific documentation page, we'll go through all the places where your clients will see the location name so that you can make sure it is showing up in a sensible way for each of them. These include:

In the sub-sections of this area of our documentation, we'll cover how to customize your location profile as well as how to configure hours of availability for your staff at a Location. Click on the links in the box on the top right of this page to learn more about these topics.

How & Where your Clients will see Locations

No matter if you meet with clients in person or over the phone, you will likely want to provide some detail around where the meeting will take place. It may be that you want to make sure your Skype Username is conveyed clearly, or it may be that you want to make sure that you client has instructions on how to enter your building. It may be that you plan on calling the client on the phone at the start time of the appointment and thus you don't really want the location to show up at all.

Whatever your rationale, knowing where clients will see your location information in the booking process is the first step toward making sure everything is communicated clearly. 

Choosing Location while Scheduling

Under Settings → Scheduler Rules & Logic, you can customize your scheduler's flow to include the Location Panel. The location panel will allow clients who are booking with you to choose where they would want to come for their appointment.

What is displayed on this page of the scheduling flow is the location name as well as the location address (for office locations) or location description (for virtual locations). You can edit these two fields from your location's profile and they will update as they are displayed on your scheduler.

The only locations that will show up on this page are locations that either have service availability set up for a certain staff or have a class schedule set on them. If you do not see a location on this page, it is because no classes are being offered there and no staff have hours set up at the location to offer services.

Confirmation Message After Scheduling

After clients fill in their information and click "Save" to finish scheduling their appointment on your scheduler, they are presented with a brief confirmation message that's used to summarize the details around their booking. The default display for location on this page is to have the location name plus the full address.

You can edit this information by going to Settings → Final Confirmation → Confirmation Panel Settings or Settings → Waitlist Settings (as shown in the pictures on the right). You can also learn about how to use those percentage sign things (called "tags") by reading our documentation on Success Message Tags.

Location in Email Notifications

The name of your location is mentioned in every email that goes out to clients as the place where the appointment will take place. In addition to the location name, the full location address and any directions you have entered show up at the bottom of the following emails:

You'll see where this text appears on the highlighted portion of the sample email on the right. If you want to change how this shows up in your email templates, simply edit the location details in your Location Profile.

Appointment Details Page

If a client clicks on the link in either the new appointment email, the appointment reminder email, or the appointment rescheduled email to "cancel or reschedule" his/her appointment, they are directed to your mini website with the "Appointment Details" page pulled up. 

You'll see an example of this appointment details page in the image on the right. The only information about the location that displays here is the location name, although if they go through the rescheduling flow, the resulting appointment rescheduled email will have the full details around the location.

If you want to change how this name appears on the appointment details page, you would need to change the name in the Location Profile itself which would affect the location display in all the other places mentioned on this documentation page s well.