4.5.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 4.5.0

Features & Improvements:

- Option enabled within Authorize.net to allow users to charge clients with card on file.
- Users now able to associate specific services/classes on Invitations at the time they are being created, as well as in edit mode.
- Now able to see a list of a clients’ scheduled appointments from the Appointments > Waitlist screen.
- Additional Staff are now able to added when creating an appointment.
- Email Tag created for Location Internal Name.

Bugs Fixed:

- Now able to see Class Session time slot when rescheduling an appointment.
- Location Super Users locations assigned now reflecting proper selections on Appointments screen.
- Staff name now adequately updating in filter.
- Calendar view now properly loading when a Filter is in place upon logging in.
- Now able to update the Client Profile via Add Appointment screen.
- Time now properly reflecting when toggling between client and business’ respective time zones.
- Map now correctly displaying location/pin based on information entered.
- Correct time zone now shows when toggling between staff and rescheduling an appointment via pop up window.
- Duration now properly showing title within the appointments’ details.
- When the 24 hour format is selected on the scheduler, it is properly reflecting on the account.