4.8.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 4.8.0

Features & Improvements:

- Ability added to instantly add forms to client profiles.
- Calculator feature added on pricing page.

Bugs Fixed:

- Staff and Services/Class fields are no longer being cleared when changing an appointment’s buffer time when editing.
- Now able to properly select time slots when editing appointments.
- Buffer now getting applied to time slot accordingly.
- The setting to Show Location Details under Calendar Settings now saving properly.
- Waitlist invitation now sending now sending to all clients on the waitlist.
- Client is now able to cancel the appointment using the link provided in the confirmation email.
- Duration times adequately adjusting when overriding appointment times.
- Buffers now correctly calculating when adding new appointments with override times.
- %REASON% tag no longer displaying price of service in time panel.
- Pre-set reminders now properly applying when courses are booked for via scheduler.