4.17.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 4.17.0 - 4.17.2

Features & Improvements:

- Room information now displaying when adding staff in Availability flow.

Bugs Fixed:

- Now able to add a client from a Waitlist as a class attendee.
- Now able to add clients to Waitlist for classes using Quick Add functionality.
- ’Next 14 Days’ Option now reflecting proper date range.
- ‘Add New Invoice’ and ‘Add New Quote’ in side menu now responding correctly.
- Waitlist additions to classes now saving all the way.
- Ability to create new Invitation Templates without errors.
- %CLASSROOM% tag now properly pulling information when added by staff via Back Office.
- Editing date of an existing appointment now updating all the way.
- Now able to delete service availability time slots.
- Waitlist time slots are no longer affected when reasons changes via Registrant Form.
- Add Staff process no longer getting stuck when a staff member doesn’t offer any services.