4.25.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 4.25.0

Features & Improvements:

- Option put in place to mark location groups as private as they’re being created.
- Resources added to ‘Open Upcoming Appointments’ preview column.
- Allow payments is now available on a per reason basis.
- Credit card authorization on a per reason basis now allowed (specifically through Authorize.net).

Bugs Fixed:

- Now able to properly schedule an appointment when payment is required.
- Now able to select ‘Require Payment for Service’ and ‘Require Card Pre-Authorization for Service’ via service profile.
- Private locations no longer appearing as options on main scheduling site.
- Private locations no longer populating on Custom Booking Sites.
- Location Super User role now filtering out designated locations properly.
- Client tags now pulling proper list when sorted via client list.
- Location group page now loading properly when adding a new group.
- Error message no longer populating when editing a location panel.
- Downloaded reports now showing when moving between tabs properly.