3.22.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 3.22.0

Features & Improvements:

  • Added myretirement.com as a domain for Custom Booking Sites
  • Pesos added a currency option
  • 96 hours added as a time option for message reminders
  • Embed Code capabilities added for individual reasons, locations and staff
  • %LOCATION_ADDRESS% tag now able to populate on Time Header Text
  • Incomplete added as a status for appointments
  • Users now able to assign Completed invitation templates to Invitations

Bugs Fixed:

  • Course sets now reflecting accurately under scheduled sets
  • Status changes now working appropriately in Back Office
  • Now able to remove waitlist hold from waitlist detail screen
  • Calendar screen now reflecting proper return sub-status on events
  • Appointment icons now properly showing
  • Option to send client/staff a cancellation email is reflecting
  • Ability to upload files in custom fields now running as it should
  • Editing staff servicing an appointment now reflects properly
  • Now able to drag appointment to a different time slot regardless of overlap
  • Jobs added now reflecting on appropriate screen
  • Translations now appearing accordingly on page
  • Submit button when trying to reset password now behaves as it should
  • Ability to select a multi-checkbox value regardless of characters put into place
  • Invoice reports now processing accurately without duplicates