4.0.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 4.0.0 - 4.0.4

Features & Improvements:

- Ability added to filter and search by Location Groups.

Bugs Fixed:

- Now when filtering using Location Groups, appointments display accurately.
- Appointment pop up now showing statuses correctly.
- Filters now auto populating corresponding selections properly.
- Upon saving an appointment, now correctly redirected to appointment detail screen.
- Previous email selections to client when booking via Back Office now sticking properly.
- Selected date range on the Appointments List page now sticking correctly.
- Text color on Calendar and Availability View staying properly assigned.
- Internet Explorer site compatibility issues rectified.
- Now able to properly add class sessions via the Calendar view.
- Time offs now showing upon logging in.
- Accurately redirecting to new status when checking them via Appointment List.
- ‘Turn Off Override Times’ functionality now working properly.
- Now able to correctly add a Close Office if all locations are selected.
- Date chosen via Calendar view now showing corresponding date.
- Course Registration email template now sending out custom template if created.
- Location Super Groups no longer an option in the scheduler flow if they aren’t created within the account.
- Now able to accurately add a class session from a staff’s properly.
- Coupons now accurately updating Max Redemptions.