4.30.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 4.30.0

Features & Improvements:

- Now able to customize logged in message and buttons on a per Booking Site basis.
- Now able to turn off showing Reason Groups and Reason Super Groups in the scheduling flow via Custom Booking Sites.
- Number of sessions now showing instead of duration on service page for courses.

Bugs Fixed:

- Header text field now saving changes properly.
- Staff panel title now reflecting correctly when creating Custom Booking Sites.
- Dates in reports now being generated in corresponding order.
- Course registrations now reflecting proper ‘pending’ status when payment is required and has yet to be submitted.
- Custom Booking Sites now following Reason Group assignments correctly.
- Customized panel titles on Custom Booking Sites now reflecting.
- Reason Super Group private URL no longer showing all other Reason Super Groups.