3.19.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 3.19.0 - 3.19.2

Features & Improvements:

  • Now able to filter column view on waitlist page
  • Ability added to choose whether reordering via back office is done by client-facing name or internal name
  • Feature added to allow businesses to have appointments booked on the scheduler in staff priority order
  • Client booking site capability added for location, staff, reason or group
  • Client's name now showing when you print an appointment list from their profile
  • Security roles now able to be specified for Custom Booking Sites
  • Ability to create multiple invoices for an appointment created

Bugs Fixed:

  • Appointment list preview of 'add appointment' screen now populating correctly
  • Reason groups now reflecting in sort order they've been weighted to via scheduler
  • Location group URL's now working properly
  • Ability to save Custom Booking Sites functioning as it should
  • URL's now working properly
  • Checkmarks now reflecting when utilizing software in Mac OS High Sierra and Chrome 67
  • Now printing month availability review is pulling all appropriate appointments
  • Hibernate/Cancel button now populating on account 
  • Invoice details now reflecting on appointments' detail page
  • Invoice status now reflecting accordingly on invoice detail page
  • Now able to enter coupons accordingly
  • Feature back in place to enter $ discount on a line item via invoice
  • Appointment dates now populating in order via client profile
  • 'Next' button now populating when viewing the scheduler using Internet Explorer 10
  • Duplicate emails are no longer being sent