Customizing Client Information Fields

By going to Settings → Client Information → Define Field Labels, you'll be able to configure the fields that are on your account. You can also add new fields which we cover in our documentation found here.

You can get to this screen by either clicking on the "Define Field Labels" link underneath Client Information in the left hand Settings menu or by clicking on the link to "Add or Remove Fields" on your Client Info section of the Client Information screen. 

In this documentation we will go through how to:

Click on the links above to go to the specific section of this documentation where we cover those topics. If you have any questions about customizing your client information fields after reading through this documentation, please feel free to reach out to our support team and we'd be happy to answer them for you.



Edit the labels and hints that are on your fields (and checking changes)

The "label" for a field is what displays next to the field and prompts the client to fill in that information. The "hint" displays underneath the field and can be used to provide a bit more information around what you're looking for them to fill in there.

Maybe in your lingo, you ask clients to fill in their "Mobile" number rather than their "Cell" number. If that's the case, it's easy to update the label for where you're capturing that phone number to better match your business. To start just go to Settings → Client Information and click either the "Define Field Labels" link from the left hand menu or the "Add or Remove Fields" link from the Client Info section (they'll both take you to the same place):


On the next screen, find the field that you need to change the label for (in this case we're looking for the cell phone field but it could be a different field for you). Click the Cell Phone field and this will open the General tab to the right of the screen:


In the Field Settings go to the Field Label section and change the display name from "Cell Phone" to "Mobile Phone". 


You can also add a hint that will display beneath the field and give clients and/or staff a better idea of what to put in the field. In this case, I'm going to type in a hint that tells clients and my fellow staff that this will be my main point of contact for future updates:


Next, you'll want to click the "Save Field" button which will commit the changes that you've made to your field label and hint:


You can then click the "Preview Fields" button to the right of the "Add New Field" button to see how your field will look now to your clients on your scheduler. You should then be able to see the field added to your client form:


Have questions about changing the field label or hint values? Contact our support team and we'd be happy to help answer those.



Making a field required or optional

When having clients fill out your booking form, there are some fields that you have to have filled out and others that are just "nice to haves". Every field in TimeTap can be made to be either required (which means it's mandatory that either you or the client fills it out before you can book the appointment or add the client) or optional (which means that you can leave it blank and just fill it in whenever you have the information).

It's pretty much always required for a business to capture the client's first and last name to book an appointment, but all the other information varies on a case by case basis. If there's a field that absolutely MUST be filled out before an appointment can be made then you will want to check the "Required" box in the Field Settings. 

Let's look at "Address" as an example. Many business's require that a client fills in an address, but sometimes clients don't have any information to put into "Address line 2" (if they live in a house instead of an apartment for instance). In this case, you'd want to make all the fields except Address Line 2 required. To do this, you can click each one of the following fields: Address, City, State, & Zip fields, check the box Required and click Save Changes to Field, this step must be done for each field:


Once you've checked Require for Address, City, State, & Zip fields to the, you can click on the "Preview Form" tab to see how these fields will appear to your clients. On the Preview Form screen, you'll see that Address line 1, City, State, and Zip all have an asterisk next to them to indicate they are required while address line 2 is left as optional:


Have questions about making fields required or not? Please get in touch with our support team and we'd be happy to answer them for you.



Turning on or off whether a field shows on your scheduler

Some businesses have information that they want to be able to fill in about an appointment or about a client, but don't want to prompt the client to fill it in themselves. At most doctors' visits, for instance, you will be weighed and measured. This is information the nurse wants to record on your appointment slip, but doesn't want to make the client fill it in themselves when they are scheduling the appointment.

By toggling the unchecking for "Show on Scheduler" box, TimeTap will make it so that the field only displays to the staff who are logged into TimeTap. On this form, for instance, I have added the new fields "Weight" and "Height":


Because the "Show on Scheduler" box is not checked, then these fields will not show up to clients who are booking through my scheduler or when I hit the "Preview Form" button, but they will show up when I go to add a new client, since the fields were assigned to the client profile:


You can then fill these measurements in on the client's profile when the client actually comes in to see you.

Have questions about making a field show on your scheduler or making it visible only to staff? Write into our support team and we'd be happy to help!



Hiding (and unhiding) fields

If you no longer wish to display a field (either to clients who are booking or to your staff in the back office), you can click the  "Hide Field" link in the Field Settings section and it will remove the field from view on either you scheduler or in your back office. 

Once you click the hide field link the field will no longer display on the screen:


You can now see that the Home Phone field is no longer between the Phone & Address fields. You can also see a notification that my client information fields have been updated after hiding the Mobile Phone field.


Once you've hidden it, the field is then moved to the TimeTap Field tab. If you would like to unhide it all you have to do is click the Add New Field button and the field located under the TimeTap Field tab:


You can now see that the Home Phone field is back to my list of Client Information Fields.


Have questions about hiding or unhiding fields? Please reach out to our support team and we'd be happy to answer them for you!