7.49.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 7.49.0 - released May 31st, 2023

Features & Improvements: 

  • The log for Client Notes on Client Profiles now show the date and time rather than a rolling counter of how long ago the note was posted 

  • Using the “Move To Different Session” button in a class session will now also prompt whether or not to send the client the “Appointment Changed or Rescheduled” messaging with that change

  • Various internal performance improvements

Bugs Fixed: 

  • The %STAFF_EMAIL% tag was not populating when added to the Appointment Detail page of the Client Scheduler

  • “Free” external calendar events were incorrectly showing in the Availability View

  • The option to “Pay Deposit or Full Amount” was not offered on invoices when an appointment was added through the Backoffice

  • Exporting the “No Show” appointments list from within a client profile resulted in a blank report getting created

  • Adding multiple additional seats to a full class session caused multiple waitlist emails to be sent each registrant waitlisted for that class

  • When a credit line item was added to an invoice, the tax calculation was not factoring in that credit

  • Calendar Sync icons overlapped when viewing the staff profile page on mobile browsers

  • When a non-priced appointment required a card to be added for booking and there was an error adding that card to the client profile, the appointment was still allowed to get scheduled with no indication that there was an error adding the card