5.7.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 5.7.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • Clients claiming appointment via waitlist notification are now required to submit payment if service requires it.

  • Waitlist times are displayed in ascending order in Confirmation panel.

  • Improvements to calendar in scheduler when viewing available times when clients are in different timezones.

  • Able to customize various elements within the scheduler under Settings > Mini Website Design > Color Scheme and Styling.

  • Client status can be exported when creating reports in My Report Runner.

  • Added Time Panel Header Text In Waitlist Mode, this information will show at the top of the Time panel when clients select times to join the waitlist.

  • Set time the client is allowed to submit payment before the appointment is cancelled if payment is required.

  • Add room number when creating a class recurring schedule.

  • Displaying transaction fee and tax subtotals when clients view invoices.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Button in invoice email sent to client didn’t direct client to payment portal.

  • Issue with displayed times selections when toggling between available times and waitlist times.

  • If the word username was added in an email template, the username of the staff would replace the word.

  • Default booking site URL didn’t update right away after change was made.

  • Staff was given the option to override times when scheduling an appointment if "Turn Off Override" was enabled.

  • Booking summary didn’t display correctly when client logged in to reschedule appointments.

  • Correction to “Join waitlist for first available appointment” button in mobile browsers.

  • Correction to header text in scheduler if the title contained a large number of characters.

  • Default Final Confirmation message didn’t display in backoffice.

  • %CLASSROOM% email tag didn’t display information in Final Confirmation panel.

  • Changes to Text Message Hint didn’t reflect in Client Information panel within scheduler.

  • Custom booking site created in reason group profile displayed services that were not included in the reason group.

  • Changes to Welcome Panel Title didn’t update in custom booking sites.

  • List view of availability didn’t display correct information if date range extended more than 1 day.

  • Removed padding in iframe when new scheduler was embedded.

  • If client applied a fixed rate coupon that was greater than the value of the service then the discounted amount would show as a negative value.

  • Correction to label of the button clients press when providing their credit card for authorization only.

  • Correction to appointment summary in Client Information panel when clients chose to sign up to join the waitlist.