5.9.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 5.9.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • Able to change font size in Welcome Panel Title.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Travel time was not calculated if appointment was scheduled at a variable location.

  • Results in address validation window were the same if multiple results matched the address the client entered.

  • Removed reorder feature from messaging logs.

  • Changes to reason group section within custom booking site profiles were not saving.

  • Unable to add packages to client’s profile.

  • Waitlist hold re-appeared after if was removed.

  • Waitlist hold didn’t trigger when client or staff rescheduled appointment.

  • Multiple waitlist holds were create when an appointment was cancelled.

  • Changes to staff panel herder text didn’t reflect in scheduler.

  • User was not prompted to send emails to staff or client when changes to appointment were made.

  • Client was asked to pay a deposit even if a fixed amount coupon lowered the price to something less than the deposit.

  • Buffers were changing at the time of editing the appointment, if the appointment was scheduled in the backoffice.