5.12.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 5.12.0 and 5.12.1, and 5.12.2

Features & Improvements: 

  • User must enter password when changing the password for self or other user.

  • Internal improvements.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Appointment list columns in scheduler didn’t display any information.

  • Pay Now button in Facebook App didn’t direct clients to PayPal payment portal.

  • Private reasons didn’t show in custom booking site if it was created in reason group profile.

  • Client was taken to Time panel where no times where available if appointment was rescheduled a second time during the same flow.

  • Clients in Clients who this client can access field were removed if change was made in client’s profile.

  • Clients in Clients who this client can access field were removed if one client logged in to make an appointment for another.

  • %CLIENT_EMAILADDRESS% was not populating client’s email address in invitation templates, causing the email to not be delivered.

  • Custom field information was not displayed in scheduler when choosing to show specific Appointment List Columns.

  • Unable to book repeating appointments for classes in the backoffice.

  • Private URLs for Reason Groups did not show the Reason Group if it was set to private.

  • Unable to add email tags to templates when selecting option from email tag dropdown.

  • When client with a timezone from India accessed the scheduler, the time panel didn’t load.

  • Fixed amount off coupon was not getting applied correctly if clients were booking multiple appointments.

  • Classes that were part of a repeating schedule would be removed if the end date in the schedule was changed.