5.28.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 5.28.0, 5.28.1, 5.81.2, 5.81.3, and 5.28.4

Features & Improvements: 

  • Locate clients using by searching for client notes within client profiles.

  • Added column to view remaining coupon redemptions.

  • Added coupon search in Payments > Manage Coupons.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Users were unable to see the Availability view if accessing their accounts via Internet Explorer 11.

  • Users with custom role with permission to view and edit appointments were not able to accept appointment requests.

  • Clients were getting stuck in the the Time panel when booking class based appointments.

  • Tag %APPT_CLIENT_START_DATE_TIME_MEDIUM% was not displaying its corresponding information when used in the Client Information panel.

  • Corrected issue with time selection in the Time panel.

  • Clients were not able to view appointment when logged in to the scheduler.

  • Tag in email template Added to Waitlist Confirmation was not displaying the date and time the client chose to join the waitlist.

  • Correct visibility condition in custom fields.

  • Appointments were getting added to calendar in incorrect time if client and staff were in different timezones if the staff approved the appointment using the URL in the email template.

  • Correction start time buffer calculation issue.

  • A custom field’s default value was getting assigned to appointment information even when the custom field was not assigned to a service.

  • Coupons were not getting applied correctly when scheduling registering for a course set.

  • If there were duplicate forms in the client’s profile, marking a form with an Open status as waived would change the status of a Submitted form to Waived.

  • Email templates set the at parent account level were overriding the templates created in the child account.