5.22.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 5.22.0 and 5.22.1

Features & Improvements: 

  • Collapse and expand class session details when viewing class sessions.

  • Allow custom fields to be editable by clients when they login to the scheduler.

  • Client fields can be assigned to services & classes, so that they will only appear when clients book for a specific reason.

  • Use tag %CLIENT_FORM_URLS_LIST% in appointment and invitation templates to send a list of forms in Open and Sent status to clients.

  • Add forms to specific service, this will make it so that if a client schedules an appointment for a service that has been included in a form, they will prompted in the Final Confirmation panel to fill it out.

  • Cancel appointments in bulk in Appointment Lists.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • New client record couldn’t be saved if two email addresses were entered.

  • Users were unable to view form submitted forms.

  • Custom booking created in location, staff, and reason profiles were not displayed in the profiles, only in the Custom Booking Sites page.

  • Users were unable to create custom booking sites in the location’s profile.

  • New Appointment template was not sent to staff if coupon making the price of the service/class to $0 was entered.

  • Error message wasn’t displayed if Regex validator criteria wasn’t met in custom fields.

  • Option to add additional guests to class based appointments if “Book Again” button was disabled in scheduler.

  • Scheduler didn’t apply coupons if they contained special characters.

  • If client scheduled repeating appointments, they were not listed in the Repeating appointments tab within the client’s profile.

  • Setting value to “True” when uploading list of clients didn’t check the corresponding custom field checkbox.

  • Corrected formatting issue in “Left Hand Text” window if URL was entered.

  • Form expiration and sent dates were not displayed in the client’s profile.