5.26.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 5.26.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • Customize the information that the client sees in the Time panel when they choose to join the waitlist.

  • Customize the label for court set sessions in the Services & Classes panel.

  • Customize the color of the content of forms when forms are view mode.

  • Added tag %CLIENT_TIMEZONE% to populate the client’s timezone.

  • Required fields can now be set to required in the back office, reach out to our support team to enable in your account.

  • Display client’s timezone when rescheduling their appointment in the back office.

  • Clients can view and cancel their repeating appointments when they login to the scheduler.

  • Client can cancel a waitlist registration or claim an available time slot freed up by a cancellation when they login to the scheduler.

  • Added more sorting capabilities when viewing a class' recurring schedules.

  • Disable auto translation of the back office.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Print button in Calendar view didn’t display in Google Chrome for Window 10.

  • Staff couldn’t be booked in their booking site if they staff was set to private.

  • New Repeating Appointment template was not getting sent to staff.

  • Marking a form as waived in the client’s profile created a duplicate.

  • Bundled resources were not applying correctly.

  • Form email triggers sent the same template multiple times.

  • Disclaimer form template sent default template, not the one specified for service or class.

  • Clients would see an error message if attempting to book an appointment at a time and date when an appointment pending staff approval was already scheduled.

  • Users were not redirected to scheduled an onboarding call if they selected that option in the setup wizard.

  • Time panel displayed incorrect dates when clients chose to register for a course.

  • Clients received error message if they clicked URL created by %STAFF_PRIVATE_URL% email tag.

  • Email tag %LOCATION_NAME% didn’t populate the corresponding information if used in email header field.

  • Selections in checkbox fields were not displayed if staff or client chose to print the form.

  • Invalid Form Field color was not getting applied correctly.

  • Active Form Field color was not getting applied correctly.

  • Disable Form Field color was not getting applied correctly to checkbox fields.

  • Corrected All Appointments by Client report.