1.0.0 Release Notes

Released on September 21, 2015 – Release notes on versions 1.0.0 & 1.0.1

Our release of versions 1.0.0 & 1.0.1 featured staff text message reminders and a number of improvements to include enhancements for setting up locations, editing locations, adding multiple locations, & requesting that clients receive text message reminders. We’ve also fixed several issues involving text reminders, appointment confirmation emails, & others you can find listed below.


  1. Staff can receive text message reminders:  For TimeTap Plus users, your staff members can now enjoy the convenience and assistance of receiving text message reminders for when clients schedule new appointments, a fellow staff member places a new appointment on their calendar, a client or another staff member reschedules an appointment, and when a client or another staff member cancels an appointment. 

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  2. Set locations for Location Super Users & Users:  Users with security levels of Account Owner & Administrator can now set locations for users with the security levels of Location Super User & User. This will allow Location Super Users & Users to accept appointments at the locations that have been set up for them.

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  3. Delete Service Location from Staff Profile:  For TimeTap Plus users, if your staff members provide services at multiple locations, but decide to no longer provide services at one of those locations, they can easily delete the location & its service availability through the Service Availability tab by clicking on the “Delete Location” button.

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  4. Clients can request text message reminders:  For TimeTap Plus users, your clients can now request text message reminders for their appointments. In TimeTap’s Back Office, simply go to Settings → Client Information → click the “Edit” button for Client Info Settings → and select the checkbox for “Clients can request text message”. 

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  5. Adding Multiple Locations:  If you are a TimeTap Plus user, you can now add multiple locations for your services. If you have staff members, you can set them up to provide services at multiple locations as well.

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Bug Fixes

  1. Text message reminder issue fixed when creating repeating appointments. Fixed an issue that prevented text message reminder settings from be saved after creating repeating appointments.

  2. Appointment notes now appear in the email template when editing a new appointment email before sending to a client and or staff member. Fixed a bug that prohibited appointment notes from being added to the email template before sending email to a client and or staff member for a repeating appointment.

  3. Bug has been fixed that caused the wrong location to be added to a staff member's service availability. Found and fixed an issue that caused the wrong location to be added to an existing staff member's service availability date range.

  4. Resolved issue for cloning a date range in staff's service availability. There was an issue where cloning service availability for staff members was not working properly, but it has now been fixed to where a cloned date range will appear.

  5. Fixed issue that caused a deleted location to show up on the Appointment Detail screen. A bug was found that allowed a previously deleted location to appear on the Appointment Detail screen after an appointment has been created.