1.18.0 Release Notes

Our release of version 1.18.0 involved the release of the a new Setup Guide, and a new alert banner appearing in the staff's profile overview if the staff can accept appointments but doesn't have availability added. Bugs fixed ranged from 


Improvements and New Features:

  • New alert banner appears in the staff's profile prompting user to add service availability if staff can accept appointments and has no availability 
  • Account owner and Administrator can access the new Setup Guide, this guide will guide them through the initial steps of setting their account

Bugs Fixed

  • Clients were not receiving emails informing them that they've been added to a waitlist
  • Appointments with "Unassigned" status did not appear in the appointment list or in the calendar view
  • Stopping Google sync did not remove events created in Google from TimeTap
  • Not able to add class attendees from the Class Session Details screen
  • Using the Book Another Appointment button to book a second appointment after booking one appointment through the scheduler would overwrite the first appointment resulting in only one appointment saved