1.13.0 Release Notes

Our release of version 1.13.0 involved the release of the new process to setup Google Sync along with more tools to collaborate on a shared Google Calendar. With this release you are now able to create a custom field to upload files and assign them to appointments or client profiles, this specific feature is only available to TimeTap Professional and TimeTap Business users. Bug fixes ranging from not being able to see time off added in TimeTap to the incorrect reason saving when adding an appointment have been solved. 

Improvements and New Features: 

 Bugs Fixed:

  • Time off added in TimeTap not appearing in Google Calendar
  • Fixed bug that would not allow you to change the class capacity if class was completely full
  • When booking an appointment in the back office and selecting a service and then selecting class instead, then reverting to choosing a service, the appointment would save with the class as reason