2.0.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover release versions 2.0.0 - 2.0.3

Feature releases & improvements:

  • Biggest update was a redesign of how the service availability works in a staff member's profile. Documentation on the new method is available here.
  • Now able to color code an individual appointment by clicking into the appointment detail screen. This will override any color code settings you've applied on the main Appointments > Calendar screen.
  • Phone and email fields are now clickable actions in the client profile.
  • Client records can now be linked as child/sibling accounts so that clients can access other clients when logging in.
  • Pagination was added to the client list view.
  • Clients can now download the invoice from their invoice detail landing page.
  • Added option to turn off client side scheduling under Settings > Scheduler Rules & Logic
  • Updates to waitlist invitation sending to send based on duration of service they waitlisted for instead of the specific service

Bug fixes & enhancements:

  • Fixed issue with Stripe payment portal pulling up blank screen when clicked through from mobile devices
  • No longer reloading client list and returning to first page after actions taken from pop up windows in client list view. This will make it so that if you delete/email/merge clients from the client list, when the screen dismisses you will stay on the same page of the client list.
  • Fixed issue where staff who didn't have access to edit email templates were able to edit templates on send
  • Fixed issue with client custom fields not exporting from class attendees list view
  • Fixed display issues with downloaded invoices
  • Fixed issue with waitlist slots not generating if cancellation is initiated by staff