1.21.0 Release Notes

Our release of version 1.21.0 involved the release of the ability to add courses and adding RegEx validation for custom fields. Bug fixes ranged from omitted appointment dates from repeating appointment email reminders, quota text appeared under reason while adding appointment in back office even if the service did not have a quota assigned to it, finish button in setup wizard did not complete setup process, to some emails sent to CC field filled in were not received by staff or clients. 

Improvements and New Features:

  • Ability to created courses BUSINESS ACCOUNT FEATURE
  • Apply RegEx validation to custom fields 
  • Staff can now add client to waitlist in back office
  • Appointments in calendar view now appear in "dim" color if the end time has passed
  • Ability to add description to service groups
  • Added "Create Appointment" button in client's profile and client list
  • Reformatted invoice emails sent to clients
  • When adding repeating appointments for services, you're now able to uncheck dates under the summary of appointments section to remove those appointments from the set
  • You can now change the status of appointments in the clients profile
  • Toggle between adding one time appointment to repeating appointments or time off

Bugs Fixed

  • Drastically reduced the amount of  error messages appearing throughout application
  • Switching from primary Google Calendar to sub-calendar did not delete appointments synced to primary calendar
  • Repeating appointment reminder emails had no dates when the appointments where scheduled to take place
  • Changing reason, staff, or location on repeating appointments did not update the repeating series properly
  • Quota text appeared under reason at the time of adding an appointment in the back office even if the reason selected did not have a quota assigned to it
  • Finish button in setup wizard did not complete process subsequently adding a service or a class multiple times
  • If CC field was filed in an email template staff and clients did not receive reminder/notification emails
  • Appointments in No Show status didn't appear in the appointment lists
  • Some users were not able to login after logging out
  • Not able to export appointment list from client profile