2.4.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.4.0

Features & Improvements:

  • Quick Add feature allows you to add a new appointment, class session, or time off within the Calendar view
  • Quick Edit feature allows you to perform quick edits to appointments, classes, and time offs within the Calendar view
  • Assign additional staff to appointments and class sessions
  • Create forms and disclaimer and sent to clients to fill out
  • User is able to assign appointments to closed class sessions
  • No preference box has been added in the Save New Appointment window, this will helps you see if the client chose to book an appointment with a specific staff or had no preference
  • No preference option is also visible in the Appointment Details screen
  • Default account messaging settings are applied to new appointments created by waitlist holds
  • Set to not display the name of class attendees when viewing class sessions in the Calendar view
  • Clients are now able to reschedule their appointments for course set sessions
  • User now have the option to create packages (bundle of services) for clients to purchase at once

Bug Fixed:

  • Custom fields information was not saving when registering a client for course set
  • Clients were able to book appointments beyond the set quota
  • Assigning an appointment to a closed class session did not update the sessions details
  • Empty location groups were appearing in the Add New Appointment screen
  • Double clicking the Submit button while adding service availability would create duplicate time slots
  • Error message when attempting to download file in file upload field
  • Pending status did not appear in list of attendees while in Class Session Details screen
  • retirementappt.com vanity URL domain would generate a security certificate error message
  • Multi selection field was not editable if it contained specific special characters
  • Unable to save changes to multi selection field using quick edit feature