2.3.8 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.3.8

Features & Improvements:

  • Business users with dedicated phone numbers are now able to customize their reply back message
  • Added option of 13 and 14 week in the reoccurrence section when adding a repeating appointment
  • If adding a time off for a staff during a day when he/she has appointments scheduled, you can assign these appointments to a another staff member
  • User is able to add a mask to phone number fields so the clients' phone numbers appear formatted
  • Multi selection field has been added

Bug Fixed:

  • Selecting to run a report based on the created date did not return any results
  • Unable to edit client field in the Add New Appointment screen as well as in the Appointment Details screen
  • Deselecting the Check In field in the Appointment Details screen did not update after saving changes