0.7.0 Release Notes

Released on September 1, 2015 – Release notes on versions 0.7.0 - 0.7.2

It's here–private URLs & embed codes for staff members! In addition to these features, we have also added a number of other features pertaining to client information fields, staff availability, & client emails. Here's a list of the added features for versions 0.7.0 - 0.7.2:



  1. Private URLs & embed codes for staff members:  Staff members can now showcase the services & classes that they offer through private staff URLs, and also embed a mini scheduling landing page wherever they would like whether it's on a webpage, Facebook, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, or Vistaprint as some common websites. 
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      1. Staff Private URLs & Embed Codes
      2. Email Tags
  2. Edit client information field labels:  Easily make changes to your client information field labels by clicking "Edit" found under the Client Information tab → Define Field Labels.

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      1. Customizing Client Information Fields
  3. Delete time off that you've set:  Have you scheduled time off that you'd like to delete from your schedule? You now have the ability to remove time off that you've previously set from your schedule.
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      1. Finding & Editing Time Off
  4. Add recurring availability through the Time tab:  You can now add recurring staff availability whether it's for a week or even 2 weeks or more.
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      1. Adding Staff Availability Flow
  5. Add multiple client information fields of the same type:  You can now add custom client information fields of the same type consecutively by checking the "Add another" button when adding a new field. *Please note:  Users with TimeTap Free accounts can add up to 3 custom client information fields. Users with TimeTap Plus accounts can add unlimited custom client information fields.
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      1. Adding New Fields
  6. View emails that a client has received:  You can now view messages between you & your clients.
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      1. Viewing Messages to Clients

Bug Fixes

  1. Can upgrade to TimeTap Plus if you've previously downgraded to TimeTap Free after completing the free trial. Fixed a bug that prevented upgrading to TimeTap Plus after downgrading to a TimeTap Free account.

  2. "Trial Ends" button is working properly. Fixed an issue where the "Trial Ends" button was not showing up in the top right corner for users completing the Free Trial.

  3. Client messages are visible. Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to see client messages through the Client Profile under the "Messaging" tab. 

  4. Can now add repeating appointments for classes without having services set up. Fixed an issue that prevented adding repeating appointments for classes without first having had services set up.