2.2.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.2.0 and 2.2.1

Features & Improvements:

  • Icons will appear within appointments to indicate if the client has confirmed the appointment or the status has been updated to Checked In
  • Option to display time off in calendar in different color the the one assigned to the staff when choosing to display appointments by staff
  • Select "Any Location" when adding an appointment and have location groups added
  • Keep clients selected as you move from one page to another in the Client List
  • Option to add Location Super Groups which allow you to organize your location groups into even broader categories
  • Change internal display name of staff, locations, and reasons
  • Location groups can now be part of the scheduling flow
  • See client's home phone number in Appointment Detail screen if one is present in their profile

Bug Fixed:

  • Unable to client to list of attendees from Class Session Detail screen
  • Optimized client search in various areas throughout TimeTap
  • Multiple appointments were created if user clicked Update Time/Date button multiple times when rescheduling appointment in Calendar View
  • Users whose account were suspended were not able to update their billing information
  • Multiple waitlist IDs were created if the Cancel Appointment button was clicked multiple times and clients were on the waitlist for that time slot
  • Removing information from required field in client profile did not update
  • Unable to view waitlist hold detail screen
  • Client in waitlist hold could be invited again if hold was removed