2.26.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.26.0 - 2.26.2

Features & Improvements:

  • Added option to create custom fields into class export capabilities
  • Option added to copy emails when cloning a new child account
  • Removed ability to send email to client and staff when reminder settings are changed

Bugs Fixed:

  • Corrected issue with 'confirmed' appointments not showing in all appointments view
  • Removed payments option from setup guide for free accounts
  • Corrected times being changed when editing a custom appointment time
  • Signature now printing on client form when printing as a client
  • Text messages now showing correct status from 'queued' to 'sent'
  • Corrected appointments being cancelled for non-payment when it was paid at time of booking
  • Corrected changing status from open to completed before it takes place
  • Fixed conflict with accepting payments and appointments that require staff confirmation
  • Corrected duplicate 'send' notification text when rescheduling from the calendar
  • Corrected that 'client' and 'staff' are properly translated based on business has set it to
  • Additional staff list completely showing under 'classes'