2.11.0 Release Notes

2.11 in TimeTap includes release versions 2.11.0 & 2.11.1

In those versions we added the following updates and bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue searching by requisition numbers on client list screen (only applies if account has "Jobs" feature turned on)
  • If on a recruiter based account, you can now add new requisition numbers to the client's profile from the client profile > job / requisitions screen
  • Added option to view the client's requisition numbers in the client list view
  • Added email tag for Reason Group: %REASON_GROUP_NAME% and other reason group properties (see here for full list of email tags)
  • Added default information tags when new calendar sync is set up to include the client's phone number, email address, and any appointment based custom fields
  • Added reports for enterprise parent logins
  • Fixed issue with old webhandles not disabling when a new webhandle is applied
  • Fixed display issue for & sign not displaying correctly in certain views. Was displaying as &
  • Added in option to include the selected requisition number in email that goes out to client with parameter &jrid=%REQ_ID%. This will tag the appointment with that requisition number and display it on the appointment detail page once they've booked.
  • Fixed issue with editing a class based appointment and total seats clearing out
  • Fixed bug of editing appointments and not being able to make changes. Error was caused by addition of reason group to the appointment detail screen.