2.20.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.20.0

Features & Improvements:

  • Display Next and Back buttons in the header of the scheduler
  • Display reason instructions in the Time panel within the scheduler
  • Removed calendar option from Date of Birth field, DOB can now be entered in format MM/DD/YYYY
  • When adding new clients in the backoffice you can select whether you want to send send them a waitlist text message

Bugs Fixed:

  • Error message appeared in the scheduler throughout the scheduling flow
  • User was unable to create an invoice if an appointment was set for a multi duration service with undefined duration
  • Cancelling an appointment that was created from a waitlist invite in the backoffice did not merge tags in the cancellation email template
  • Error message appeared if the end time with buffer was getting set to the following day but the start time was set for the current date
  • Clicking on an appointment or class session displayed the Quick Add window instead of the Quick Edit window
  • Coupon field did displayed in scheduler when viewed in mobile browsers