2.21.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.21.0 - 2.21.3

Features & Improvements:

  • Reopen closed/cancelled class sessions from Location's profile > Class Schedule tab
  • Added option to assign an external display name for multiple durations service
  • Print invoice directly from Invoice Detail page

Bugs Fixed:

  • Start and End Times did not download when exporting list of classes
  • Class based appointments auto completed prematurely
  • Dragging appointments from one day to another on the calendar view were not setting date properly
  • Corrected issue if user was saving waitlist registrant and no times were selected
  • DOB information displayed YYYY/MM/DD format in client list
  • Location name appeared "null" in ICS file
  • Error message when downloading file in file upload field if the name contained a comma
  • Due to an update in the location profile the buttons to add individual class sessions from the location profile were removed, the buttons were re-added
  • Corrected issue where the locations staff could access changed inadvertently