2.22.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.22.0 - 2.22.3

Features & Improvements:

  • Added button to create invoice from client's profile → Payments & Invoice → Invoice for
  • Appointments added in the back office can now go through the "Appointments Require Staff Confirmation" process
  • Added option to send or not send a welcome email to a newly added staff
  • Added option to override the account's time system on a location
  • Added ability to expand email and see delivery history to all email views
  • Added button to sort staff alphabetically in Settings → Staff
  • Added reorder toggle so user can enabled it when he/she wants to reorder, locations, location groups, staff, services & classes, and reason groups
  • When adding a gift card in a client's profile, this will be added to the un-unvoiced item section
  • Added option to export class ID information
  • Added option to set clients' time zones in the client upload process
  • Added option to display appointment cancellation date/time in appointment lists
  • Added option to modify view of classes and courses in the calendar view
  • "Appointments Require Staff Confirmation" can now be set for specific services

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed formatting in Location Directions field
  • Locations a staff could offer were getting removed if an update was made on the staff profile via mobile app
  • Fixed issue with emails not going out if subject was missing, this is now required
  • Corrected formatting of email statuses
  • Private service & classes can now be displayed in staff/locations private URLs
  • No longer displaying location groups when adding a class session/repeating schedules from the location profile if the location select has not been added to a location group
  • Corrected issue where users who only had permission to view packages were able to delete them
  • One time class sessions where offered as a selection when adding repeating appointments for class sessions
  • Removed error message that was preventing user fro viewing their email templates
  • Unable to cancel course set registration from Course Set Detail screen
  • Clients were able to register for a course set even if it had reached its capacity
  • If staff selected when adding an appointment the Add One Time Appointment screen didn't load correctly
  • Labels for next and back buttons didn't update in the scheduler if you chose to display those buttons in the header