2.28.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.28.0

Features & Improvements:

  • If then statement capabilities added to staff survey
  • Added Coordinator and additional staff to class list as an export option
  • Coordinator and additional staff of class list(s) added as an export option
  • Staff now able to receive cancellation emails based on class, not solely based on clients within the class cancelling
  • Automated messaging triggers now allowing the ability to select templates and define reason/staff/location
  • Now clients have the ability to add a photo to their profile
  • Ability to create recall messaging, templates and the customization of timeframe they are sent after an appointment
  • Ability to configure adjustable frequency of recall reminder messages
  • Ability to change the recall duration on a case by case basis

Bugs Fixed:

  • Now able to assign a coordinator to a class session without needing to assign additional staff
  • Campaign recipients tab in recall profile page now functioning properly
  • Location and staff selections now appear in auto messaging trigger when edited
  • Private events no longer showing on staff member's public URL