2.13.0 Release Notes

2.13 release in TimeTap consists of the following versions: 2.13.0, 2.13.1, and 2.13.2

In those versions we made the following changes and updates:

  1. Added in the option for you to customize the fields that show on the appointment detail page. See documentation on that here.
  2. Added in the option for you to customize what columns show in the appointment list view your clients see when they login. See documentation on that here.
  3. Added option to export reason groups
  4. Course set sessions end time now appears in 12 hour format
  5. Fixed issue with the Send Email flow from the client list not populating the staff or reason dropdowns
  6. Fixed issue with duplicate invoices being created in quick add invoice flow
  7. Added a dropdown to insert custom field tags in the email templates editor
  8. Fixed issue where applying a package from another client to an appointment was not updating
  9. Fixed issue where changing the staff on an appointment allowed the user to select a service that the new staff is not allowed to offer
  10. Fixed issue where incorrect email reminders and completed appointment templates were being sent out if the templates were for specific languages
  11. DOB, Address, and Gender information for existing clients was not updating if they booked through the scheduler
  12. Add New Appointment screen was not loading if the user double clicked in an available time slot in the calendar or availability view