3.4.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 3.4.0 - 3.4.1

Features & Improvements:

  • Option added for staff to assign requisition number on appointment and edit
  • Timezone field in back office now a required field
  • Now able to extend advanced booking up to 3 years
  • Feature added to manipulate calendar minimum and maximum times for calendar view
  • Users now able to generate API keys from the back office
  • Time based login restrictions capabilities now added
  • Users who have been granted access to a calendar can now stop sync 

Bugs Fixed:

  • Flag corrected on appointment details page when selecting 'save' after editing
  • Corrected issue with allowing various staff members to sync with an external calendar
  • %REQ_JOBTITLE% pushing job title for assigned requisition on appointment's calendar description accordingly
  • Ability added to color code calendar view by location group and use location group tag in title of appointment
  • Ability added to set it so when a client reschedules, you can select if you only want to show availability of the staff who was originally assigned to the appointment
  • Text corrected after checking in a client
  • Open appointments now accurately reflecting when logging in via scheduler
  • Conditional fields for date now disable fields on scheduler accordingly
  • Corrected error message reflecting when saving appointments via back office
  • Corrected conditional field settings to now accurately reflecting according to configuration
  • Corrected text within making changes to an appointment via back office upon saving
  • ICS File not reflecting correctly upon rescheduling an appointment
  • Text on jobs tab corrected
  • Language on message that appears when assigning a requisition that has already been assigned to a job and is being assigned to a new job updated